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Over the last twenty years or so, Alan Smith developed a significant reputation as a composer writing attractive, well crafted and accessible music, particularly for choirs.  His music is widely published and performed throughout the world.  By following the links below, you can explore Alan’s pieces, viewing some sample of his work.  You can also use the contact pages to purchase scores from Cantabile Music.


Choral * Vocal * Organ * Instrumental

Much of Alan's music is available from external publishers.  Clicking on the publisher's name in the publishers section of this site will open up a page on their web site where you can view and purchase the score(s) you require.  Any pieces which are not published elsewhere are available from Cantabile Music.  In most cases, what you will actually be purchasing is a high quality PDF file of the music together with a license to print and make a certain number of copies of the score.  These will be sent by e-mail once payment has been received


For choral directors, this will be a particularly cost-effective way of adding to your choir's library.  The cost will vary depending on the length of the piece, but from as little as £10, you could make a set of 40 copies for your choir.  Even once you have factored in the cost of photocopying, it remains a very inexpensive option.

Buying Scores